Laptop w/ new Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop

 I recently had to install Ubuntu Desktop on a laptop that had a problematic NVidia chipset: The system would always freeze in a very short amount of time - most likely due to a combination of overheating and/or bad drivers.

This article saved the day:

I just changed the GRUB config for the initial start of installation and everything worked without a single glitch. Even post-install, I did not have to change the grub config 

Essentially, appending `nomodeset` to the line containing `linux` bypassed the default video check (even though it was listed during setup). Getting to the initial grub config with selecting the "lite" version of the USB partition.

PowerShell Experiment: Standard Scaffold w/ Custom Functions in External File

 So while I was working on the last project to "Factory Out" Modules w/ Plaster, it dawned on me: why stop there?

Having a standard script outline, that's a template in VS Code, over and over the same steps to make the current script unique -- editing in just the "right places" seems cumbersome when, down the road, you have to update/add functionality, remembering where everything is in this already giant script.

All of this to say:

  1. Start with a scaffold 'main.ps1' script, that is never touched.
  2. Create a unique or 'functions.ps1' script file that is the meat of what needs to be done.
The "old way" was to create the new script file and jumble it all together. What I've found is that this is no different (really) in using the "proper" Begin/Process structure - as far as support.

In the 'main' file, it would handle the "big 3", standard checks and balances:
  1. Argument Testing
  2. Main Function Execution
  3. Output/Artifacts
The unique or 'functions.ps1' file, it would contain 
  1. all arguments/params for itself (using the $args array)
  2. standard "MainProcess" function
We'll see how it goes.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - 2023 Experience

This article is a WIP.  Setting up Oblivion in 2023 on a Steam Deck (w/ SteamOS)  Install from Steam  Vortex Experience (post base mod tools...