Remote / Working from Home, Part 4

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Home distractions are very different than office workplace distractions because they are much more personal. The lines are blurred between office and home life. 

Here are some useful tips to get through the day:

  • No matter how clear the boundaries, family will always see you as "the dad" or "the mom."
    • It can be very difficult and takes everyone time to get used to.
    • It's better to handle their requests than to get angry.
  • A dedicated room/office is best.
    • Room dividers work.
  • Meetings and calls
    • Make it clear that you are in a meeting
    • Keep a cool head while on the phone and your 2 yr old demands mac & cheese.
These all go back to the other entries about working from home: a routine, personal presentation, cleanliness, organization -- all of these communicate to family and others that you have your game face on and providing for them.


It's not always easy to follow these bullet points. Heck, I find myself ignoring my own advice and tips here and kick myself for it. If you've made it this far then I hope you've learned something from my experiences. 

Be Safe.

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