DevOps: My Perspective

Several will say that the key to implementing DevOps in an organization is collaboration. 

While true, the idea and willingness to collaborate is imperative, in the real world, people hate change, talking to people in different groups and generally going outside of their realm of comfort. 

The most effective way to accomplish this sense of collaboration is to start with baby-steps: Little things that stretch beyond comfort levels and the willingness to do so. 

So, if I were to use one word to describe DevOps: Initiative. It may sound strange, but a little initiative goes a long way to show what can be done. 

Unlike traditional change, introducing DevOps into an organization does not have to come from the "top down." Everyone has it in them to make that first baby-step. 

That first step is to take an inventory of systems, services, applications, processes and practices. This analysis step is the vital foundation stone for everything to come. If documentation doesn't exist, offer suggestions on a centralized location.

[Note: Post edited for readability]

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