Remote / Working from Home, Part 2

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Part 1 covered the primary goal of DevOps: Communication. 

Part 2: Routine & Consistency

Establish daily practices that everyone can depend on. 

Make a mental list of your daily work routine:
  • Shower
    • Yes, it's super easy to skip this, but trust me, it's vital to establishing a fresh perspective.
    • A shower can do wonders for your attitude and Vim.
    • It sets a tone for the day: Warm. Energetic. Positive.
  • Work Casual / Respectable Clothes
    • Somehow, wearing comfortable work-proper clothes gives a mental energy to be able to focus on tasks.
    • You never know when you're going to have a video call.
    • "Clothes Maketh The Man."
  • Have Breakfast
    • Even if you don't feel like eating.
    • Drink a protein shake.
    • Scramble some eggs in a drinking glass and microwave for a minute.
  • A Solid "Start & Stop" Work Times
    • This an important key to consistency.
    • Everyone on your team will know when you're available and working.
    • Post this information in your profile or status in your instant messaging tool.
    • Establish times of day to pause and communicate status.
So, yeah... that's a lot to cover. It all sounds weird reading (and writing) this because "everybody does this, right?" Wrong. I've read articles lately about "When it's okay not to shower." So, again, yeah... it's basic, but really very important to get in the right mind-set to work from your home office.

Side Note 

Driving to an office has this same effect:

    You are mentally (and physically) transferring attitudes and mindsets to "work mode." 

Capture that feeling and think about ways to recreate it.

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