Remote / Working from Home, Part 3

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The previous entries went through the basics of everyday "working remote." This entry talks about new hires or new teams introductions and other good stuff. 

Initiative, Integrity and Vigilance

Working remote, when starting with a new team can be a little awkward. Especially when you've never met the team in person first. These are good guidelines for this situation.

  • Ask questions - Show Initiative
    • Sesame Street taught my youngest: "Asking questions is the best way to learn."
    • Not sure which questions to ask?
      • Find someone, anyone that is available
      • Ask to be pointed in the right direction
      • Don't assume everyone will drop what they're doing.
      • Be patient. Be calm.
    • Basic Questions to Ask:
      • Who can help with HR questions?
        • Payroll Dates
        • Benefits
        • Timesheets
        • Expenses
        • Time Off Requests
      • Who is my manager, if not working on the same project?
      • Who are the members of the team I'm working on?
      • What access, resources, documentation do I need for the projects I'm on?
      • What meetings should I attend?
  • Follow-up - Integrity & Vigilance
    • It's important to know that it's your responsibility verify that everyone knows where you are and what you're doing, right now.
    • Be respectful, professional and concise.
This does go back to communication (part 1), but these are more of the solid foundation items for successful remote work.

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